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Emploi(s) recherché(s) :
ma photo
Barman, Serveur / Serveuse, Accueil
Département(s) recherché(s) :
Grande Bretagne, Amérique du nord
Standing :
Non renseigné
Date de disponibilité :

Type de contrat :
Non renseigné
Horaires souhaités :
Non renseigné

Langue(s) :
Anglais, Allemand
Expérience professionnelle :
February 2007 – August 2007 :

COLAS Company, Fort de France, Martinique (France)
I performed there my project of end’s studies: “Setting up process of budgetary control on a big highway building project with Pentagone as software”. I also worked as Colas site manager on this highway Fort de France-Lamentin in the same time (public works: bitumen on roadway, communications networks).Ponzevera Henri, Corporate Manager of COLAS Martinique, ponzevera@martinique.colas.fr

July – August 2006:

SCREG Company, Blaye, France
I worked as a works foreman (sewage disposal, pluvial waters, gutters in a new housing estate). (Agency’s chief Allary Jean-Bernard got promotion elsewhere in December 2006 so email unknown today)

July – August 2005:

COLAS Company Central Laboratory, Floirac, France
During this training period I made soils’s analysis, gradings, proctor tests, Californian Bearing Ratio tests, tests in relation with road’s building materials as a laboratory technician.
Technical Director Thouret Didier : thouret@floirac.colas.fr

Holiday jobs (Summers 2002-03-04):

production agent at the industrial laundry BPA (Saint Jean d’Illac, France), and logistical agent at geriatrics’s center (Lormont, France)

Diplome(s) :
2002 to 2007:

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (National Institute of Applied Sciences, INSA), Rennes, France (www.insa-rennes.fr). I just graduated of a five-year Engineering course. Having successfully completed the initial two years of general Engineering studies, then my chosen area of specialisation was Civil Engineering (three years).

2001 – 2002:

Lycée Fernand Daguin, Mérignac, France (high school)
Baccalauréat (final school exam) – chosen dominant subjects were Mathematics and Science – passed with above average marks.

Motivations :
I am a French young Civil Engineer just graduated a month ago (public engineering school). I am looking for a job for 4 months more or less in London to improve my English language (Toeic level 850 passed in June 2006). Because I want to go on studying in aviation industry then. I am free from November 2007 until next February or March 2008 more or less.

Kind regards,

Jérôme Morandière (23 years old, Bordeaux, France)
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